Family of OFW in Riyadh who was beaten severely and died cries for justice

Recently, there were shared posts regarding the case of Analiza “Liza” Moires Mobantan, the OFW in Riyadh who was physically abused by her employers and died.

According to the posts of Analiza’s family and relatives, her husband went to the office of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to ask for help to rescue Analiza and get repatriated but her case was not acted upon immediately.

Facebook user, Kethlyn Labz Seriom, who said she is Analiza’s cousin, posted that Analiza was being beaten severely almost everyday by her employers until one day she could no endure the pain any longer.  She called her husband.  She could hardly speak and could hardly hear because she reported to her husband that her employers pulled her legs and she dropped to the floor hurting her body and her head severely.


Kethlyn shared on Facebook that while Analiza and her husband were talking over the phone they were both crying because of her hopeless condition.  She was grieving because she was not only physically abused but also her employers scolded her for asking for her salary to send to her family in the family for one of her children was graduating.

Reportedly, that was the last time her family was able to talk to her.  She died after few days she reported how severely she was being beaten by her employers.

Her remains arrived and her family saw that she had 16 wounds, got broken spine, and one of her eyes was removed.  It was not clear in Kethlyn’s post how she got those wounds.  It seemed that there was no investigation that was conducted over her death.

Analiza was taken to her final resting place.  Her family is crying for justice.

It is indeed a very tragic experience for Analiza and her family.  Many OFWs are suffering from this situation and almost every day, posts from their friends or people they know flood Facebook and other social media sites asking for help. Let us not stop sharing these posts for everyone to know.

May all those OFWs who have experienced similar cases be given justice and may all OFWs who are suffering be rescued. – LMI

Source: Facebook



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