Family Members Lost Contact With a Domestic Helper in Riyadh For Five Months

The family lost contact with the domestic helper for five months. [Image Credit: Melisa Talaro / Facebook]

How many times have you heard from a friend or a relative saying “Siguro marami kung pera” or “Ang ginhawa na siguro ng buhay ng pamilya mo noh?”

Most Filipinos think that working as an Overseas Filipino Worker is a promise of a good life. You get to earn more than what you can earn in the Philippines. Plus at to the fact that you can provide a better future for your family.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that the work also includes hard work and sacrifices just to give your family a much more comfortable life. Yes, you can send your children to better schools and provide more food on the table. However, that also means not being able to join them for special events or attend their graduations.

For a family in the Philippines, this means so much more.

Before their family member, Lina U. Barroga, left to work as a domestic helper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the family is full of hope and dreams that they will have a better life in the country now that one of them will be working abroad. They thought it is the start of having their dreams come true.

Domestic Helper Lost Contact

However, five months after flying to Riyadh, they were not able to hear anything from her anymore. No phone calls, no messages, no anything.

Her agency in the Philippines, Venus International Placement Agency Inc does not have any news about her too.

The family is now fearing for her life and is hoping that their pleas will be heard by the domestic helper once she sees the post being shared by people.

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We are hoping that the domestic helper is still in good shape in the country. With the stories that we are hearing and reading, we don’t want something bad happening to her.

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