Family-Friendly Destination for OFWs on Vacation: Camayan Beach Resort in Subic

Camayan Beach Resort is a family-friendly destination. [Image Credit: Expedia]
Camayan Beach Resort is a family-friendly destination. [Image Credit: Expedia]

Why do foreigners love the Philippines so much? There are so many reasons! It’s beautiful, it’s cheap, it’s easy to get around the country, the people are friendly, and many more! If you are an Overseas Filipino Worker and you’re on vacation in the country, there are many different places where you and your family can get to enjoy! There are many awesome beaches and family-friendly places where you can easily go.

Enjoy your holidays in the country by going to Camayan Beach Resort, which is just a few hours drive from Manila. You don’t need to ride a plane or travel far: just take a van or bus and you’ll reach this place.

Camayan Beach Resort is a top choice for families with younger children since it is next to Ocean Adventure, a marine conservatory and adventure park in Subic Bay.

[Image Credit: Traveloka]
[Image Credit: Traveloka]

Things to Do in Camayan Beach Resort

Other than swimming to your heart’s content in the clear waters of Camayan Beach Resort, there are so many things you can do in the area. These activities are specially catered for your kid’s enjoyment and they will surely love to come back to the place.

Play Around

Camayan Beach Resort offers a full array of beach and forest activities that will surely excite every member of the family. Dive the coral reefs and shipwrecks of Subic Bay, relax in the comfortable cabana by the sand, bike through the rainforest, and snorkel and play with the playful and colorful fishes.

[Image Credit: Metrodeal]
[Image Credit: Metrodeal]
Swim with Dolphin Encounter

One of the unique experiences in Ocean Adventure is getting to know the dolphins up close. You can touch these fun animals, give them a handshake, and learn how to communicate with them. Your kids can enjoy Dolphin swim encounter for P4,200/head good for 30 minutes.

Dolphin Beach Encounter

You can also have a more condensed version of the Dolphin Encounter along the beach. There’s a short orientation on how to behave and encounter with the dolphin. The encounter lasts for 30-minutes for P2,800/head where you can touch and say hi to the dolphins along the beach area and experience their playfulness up close and personal.

Watch the Marine Shows

Ocean Adventure has two shows for expectations: the Dolphin and Sea Lion shows. See them fly through the air, glide around the stage, and show how intelligent they are.

[Image Credit: Metrodeal]
[Image Credit: Metrodeal]
Relax Deeply

You spent several years working abroad so what’s the best treatment but to have a relaxing massage? It’s time for a deep relaxation with a massage from the trained masseuse of the resort.

How Much Should You Prepare?

Just a word of caution: Camayan is a semi-luxury resort and it does not come very cheap. They have very limited rooms and only accept full booking rates. Even if there are just two of you, you need to pay for the full room rate.

Family rooms are good for 4 to 5 people at a rate of P1,500 to P1,600 per head. A family room for 5 people is at P1,600 per head at a rate of P8,000. Standard family rooms for 4 adults costs P6,400. This has 1 queen size bed and one double deck. The room rates include the resort amenities, free bath towels for each booked guests, and a free breakfast buffet in the morning.

The hotel does not charge corkage for bringing food and drinks but they don’t allow glass bottles. Their grilling area can also be used for free and they sell charcoal for P20 per pack.

Overall, your expenses would be:

  • 8,000 = Accommodation
  • 628 = Ocean Adventure Entrance (guests of Camayan can enjoy 20% discount; you can also book through discount websites like Metrodeal)
  • 20 = Charcoal per pack if you want to cook
  • 500 = Entrance fee for Adults (if you choose not to stay in the hotel)
  • 450 = Entrance fee for Children and Senior Citizens (if you choose not to stay in the hotel)
[Image Credit: Expedia]
[Image Credit: Expedia]
Do you think you and your children will get to enjoy a day at the Camayan Beach Resort? We surely do! You deserve it as our modern day hero.

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