Family and Friends Cannot Get in Touch With an OFW Working as A Domestic Helper in Bahrain

The family of an OFW cannot get in touch with her anymore. [Image Credit: Hammond O. E. Maryjane / Facebook]
The family of an OFW cannot get in touch with her anymore. [Image Credit: Hammond O. E. Maryjane / Facebook]

Nowadays, it is common to see people from the Philippines wishing to work overseas. Why do most Filipinos have the urge to work in another country?

Leaving the country means detachment from their families and just be contented with long distance calls, instant messaging conversations, and social media chats. It also means depriving yourself of guiding your children and watching them grow, going on family outings, and sacrificing in exchange for giving their families a better future.

Fortunately, our Overseas Filipino Workers are given a chance to spend some time with their families by spending a vacation once their contract expires. However, one of our Kababayans might not be able to spend time with her family. In a Facebook post shared by Hammond O. E. Maryjane, one of her friends, who is working as a domestic helper in Bahrain, is missing.

Missing Domestic Helper

A domestic helper named Rinalyn Salvador Ocampo, 32 years old, has been working in Manama Alfateh, Bahrain for five months. However, she’s been missing for five months already. Her family cannot contact her anymore.

Her friends already went to the domestic helper’s agency, SMC Manpower Agency Corporation to ask for help. However, according to the agency, they need to wait for an update.

On the other hand, the employer said that the domestic helper ran away, even if the domestic helper’s family and friends are doubting their statements since the domestic helper revealed before that she is often arguing with her female employer.

Here are the details of the OFW’s employer:

Name: Moneezeh Khosa Ali
Address: Manama Alfateh Bahrain

Read the whole story here:


Rinalyn’s family needs help in locating the domestic helper. Any leads would help them, especially if it can help give hints to where exactly she is and to determine whether she is safe or not.

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