Entertainer in Japan chose her Japanese customer over her mourning Filipino husband who loves her so much

One of the most devastating experiences of overseas Filipino workers’ (OFW) is related to long distance relationship and infidelity.  The one who left abroad is the one who fell for another or the one left behind is the one who found someone new.  The set-up is mostly similar to this scenario.  Cases like this happen because it is difficult to maintain a long distance relationship.

Some would react saying if both are faithful to each other and are committed to one another, no cheating will ever happen.  They would argue that cheating happens because one chooses it, and it does not happen by chance.

This is exactly what happened to a young couple in Las Pinas, Paranaque in the persons of Daniel Cortez, 26 years old and Zyra Cortez, 24 years old who works as an entertainer in Japan.

Daniel went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for his help to talk to his wife Zyra who is in Japan.  Daniel claimed that his wife is having an illicit affair with her customer in a bar who is a Japanese.  He said he assumed Zyra and the Japanese are in a relationship based on the photos Zayra posted on her Facebook account.

The photos showed that Zyra and the Japanese are kissing and Daniel claimed that the two even have naked photos together, which he showed to Tulfo as evidences.

When Tulfo interviewed Zyra, she admitted that she had to go out with different men because it is a part of her job as an entertainer and she claimed that her husband Daniel knew the nature of her job.

Daniel insisted that he would have just let her free to love her Japanese boyfriend if she only would have stopped humiliating him in public.  He claimed that she was posting his pictures on Facebook with derogatory captions on them. Zyra admitted but she said she only did it in retaliation of Daniel’s posts.

Tulfo asked them to have a heart to heart talk over the phone and settle their feud.  They both agreed that Zyra will go home to the Philippines and file for an annulment of their marriage, which Daniel approved. Daniel agreed to part ways even if he still loves his wife because he knew since  he saw Zyra’s photos with her Japanese lover that she does not love him anymore and winning her back is just futile. – LMI

Source: Raffy Tulfo

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