Employer Wants to Sell the Domestic Helper in Saudi Arabia For the Third Time

A domestic helper fears for her life since her employer will sell her again. [Image Credit: Michelle Caraos Bagunu / Facebook]

It is very common to see many people from the Philippines wishing to work overseas. If you will ask new graduates or even those still studying in the university, they will tell you that they want to work abroad.

The question is: Why do most Filipinos have the urge to work abroad? According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are more than 2.2 million of Overseas Filipino Workers leaving the country to work abroad. There are more female OFWs leaving their families behind to earn more money for the family.

Most of them are choosing a life working away from the country because of bigger job opportunities and higher salaries. Many female OFWs go to the Middle East to work in the offices, field, and a big portion are employed as domestic helpers.

While there are many OFWs who were able to reach their dreams by working abroad, there are also many who are crying and pleading for help. One of them is Michelle Caraos Bagunu.

[Image Credit: Michelle Caraos Bagunu / Facebook]

Domestic Helper Fears For Her Life

In a Facebook post that she shared with an OFW group, Michelle is asking for immediate rescue. According to her, her current employer is not her original boss.

She was sold by her first employer to her current one. Her first employer even tried to make sexual advances to her. While the second employer does not abuse her sexually and emotionally, her workload is taking a toll on her body. She does not have enough sleep and cannot rest because of the many things she needs to do. She sleeps at around 1 AM and needs to wake up by 5 AM.

[Image Credit: Michelle Caraos Bagunu / Facebook]
She is now fearing for her life since according to her employer, she will be sold to a new one.

Sobra ng hirap ng pinag dafaanan q una amo q sexual attempt.ngaun over work . walang 2log at pahinga maaus . tulog ng 1am gcng 5am di q na po kya tulungan nio po aq bago mahuli lhat kc hinabilin aq sa kapatid nia at hintayin lng un ka deal na employer na pag bebentahan sa akin

Read the whole story here:

The domestic helper is currently situated in the house of her employer’s sibling and waiting for the news regarding the buyout.

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