Employer Shows Her Appreciation to a Domestic Helper By Giving Her a Cake and Salary in Advance

A domestic helper shares her great relationship with her employer. [Image Credit: Chona Reyes / Facebook]

Many of our Overseas Filipino Workers are working abroad for many years. A lot of our kababayans are choosing to work in other countries because of the employment opportunities that many businesses abroad are providing. These companies are providing twice to even five times the salary that they are getting from the companies in the country. Some foreign business is even giving better benefits for the OFW’s beneficiaries.

With the number of stories regarding abuse and maltreatment of Filipino migrant workers, particularly domestic helpers, we can’t help but wonder: are there even successful stories abroad?

[Image Credit: Chona Reyes / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Chona Reyes / Facebook]

Story of Success

This story will surely change your perspective: a domestic helper in the Middle East shared her experience in working with her employer.

According to Chona Reyes, her madame or female employer went out at around 10 in the evening. When her madame arrived, she was surprised when she started shouting her name, telling her to come out of her room. At first, Chona was nervous because she never experienced her madame shouting her name.

[Image Credit: Chona Reyes / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Chona Reyes / Facebook]

Surprise to the Domestic Helper

When she came out of her room, she was surprised to see her madame, together with her alagas carrying a cake. They hugged her tightly while saying “thank you.”

Her madame is grateful for her being the second mother to her two children. Even if she’s just working for the family for a year, they are still happy and thankful for the services she provided. She also never treated her like a stranger. While opening the cake, her madame handed her a Hadiya and salary.

According to Chona, domestic helpers should always love their job and their employers and they will get the same in return.

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Read the inspiring story here:

It’s touching to see a great relationship between the employer and the employee, right?

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