Employer Sells and Locks a Domestic Helper Inside Their House in Kuwait

A domestic helper in Kuwait is asking to be rescued. [Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
A domestic helper in Kuwait is asking to be rescued. [Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

After the deployment of the employment ban in Kuwait, a lot of Filipinos, including the Overseas Filipino Workers, are thinking that the abuse and maltreatment of OFWs will stop. The implementation of the employment ban did not immediately put a hard stop on everything. There are still some of our kababayans who are suffering at the hands of their abusive employers.

Although some of our OFWs are now happily reunited with their loved ones in the country, there are still some who are stuck in the houses of their bosses. This is a problem that a domestic helper named Janneth Mangaron is facing.

What is the Problem?

According to Janneth, she is always not receiving her salary on time. Until now, she is waiting for her employer to pay the amount due since she’s yet to receive her salary for three months. Although she reminded her employer to pay her, all she will do is to keep quiet.

The said employer also sold her to another family last February. After staying in the new employer for two months, her madame decided to take her again.

She already complained to her agency, Philquest International Management Services (operating under the name Al Abdul Aziz Al Ali in Kuwait) about the delayed salary but according to the agency, they cannot do anything unless her employer abuses her physically.

Locked Out

Janneth would like to go back to her family in the Philippines. She has three children who are waiting for her. However, even if the government is helping OFWs in Kuwait to go back to the home country, she cannot ask help from the embassy due to the fact that her employer always locks her in the house.

Every time the employer goes out the house, she always locks their home, leaving the OFW inside.

You may watch the whole video here:

Let us help her. Janneth is currently staying at this address: Abu Fatira Block 8, Street 191, House 33, Floor 2, Flat No. 7.

Our Kababayan does not deserve this. With the employment ban that the government imposed, she has the right to go back to her family in the Philippines.

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