Employer Refuses to Feed, Give the Salary and Threatens a Domestic Helper

[Image Credit: Lyrehc Arellano Solivio / Facebook]

Life as an Overseas Filipino Worker is never easy. These modern-day heroes work to foreign countries and sacrifice for their family. They go and find a job there so they can earn money and support the needs of their family. They disregard the feeling of loneliness and homesickness to give a better future to their families whom they left back in the Philippines.

For Filipino workers who are not able to take good care of their own children since they are away. They are looking after other people’s children while their children are growing without them. They also adjust to everything: learn the country’s language, the culture, the customs, and their beliefs.

[Image Credit: Lyrehc Arellano Solivio / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Lyrehc Arellano Solivio / Facebook]

Domestic Helper Asking for Help

Unfortunately, working abroad needs a lot of sacrifices. And this particular Filipino worker suffered a lot from the hands of her employer, not only physically but also emotionally.

According to concerned Filipino Lyrehc Arellano Solivio, Rose Mae Toralba needs help. Rosa has been working as a domestic helper for her employers in Saudi Arabia. However, life as a migrant worker was never easy for her. Her employer refused to pay her salary for two months. For two months, she was forced to tell her family that she cannot send remittance and they are left to fend on their own. She is still working without the guarantee that her employer will pay for her services.

Not only that, her employer also refused to give her enough food. From her healthy self, she is now very skinny. There are even times when her employer would hurt her physically without any reason. She was also threatened that they will get her mobile phone, in case she’ll do something that they don’t like.

[Image Credit: Lyrehc Arellano Solivio / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Lyrehc Arellano Solivio / Facebook]
All the Filipino worker wants now is to come back to her family in the Philippines.

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