Employer Refuses to Give Domestic Helper Her Salary For Five Months

[Image Credit: Hyds Asia Martinez / Facebook]

The Philippines is home to thousands of Filipino migrant workers who are striving to give their families a brighter and bigger future. These hardworking migrant workers endure several years of being away from their loved ones and spend hours after hours of working abroad. They gamble their lives in order to secure a better life for their families.

Life as an Overseas Filipino Worker is never easy. Many of our hardworking kababayans find better fortune in the foreign lands. However, one of the many issues that they are facing is being abused physically, verbally, emotionally, and sexually by their employers. In fact, many of these OFWs died at the hands of their employers.

Take this story as an example.

[Image Credit: Hyds Asia Martinez / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Hyds Asia Martinez / Facebook]

Domestic Helper Treated Unfairly 

Several photos of a domestic helper are now catching the attention of netizens on social media. In a Facebook post in an OFW group, Hyds Asia Martinez shared her friend’s unfortunate experience in the hands of her employer.

Marivic Manga is working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. According to her, it’s been five months since her employer last gave her the salary they talked about. The worse situation happened when she was ironing the clothes of the family and there was a sandstorm. The sand entered the house prompting her employer to say that she is not cleaning the property and was just using her phone.

The employer tried getting the domestic helper’s smartphone, to which she refused. She went to the bathroom to hide but the said employer scratch her body, leaving several marks.

The domestic helper is residing at Musharraf District 1 Street Ai Al Aqeel, Saudi Arabia.

[Image Credit: Hyds Asia Martinez / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Hyds Asia Martinez / Facebook]
Read the story here:

Due to her unfortunate experience, the OFW just want to go back to her family in the Philippines and get her salary for five months.

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