Employer of an OFW in Riyadh Refuses To Allow Her to Go Home Even if Her Mother and Child Passed Away

The employer of an OFW in Riyadh refused to allow her to go home. [Image Credit: Odessa Pearl Pansoy / Facebook]
The employer of an OFW in Riyadh refused to allow her to go home. [Image Credit: Odessa Pearl Pansoy / Facebook]

As an Overseas Filipino Worker, one of the hardest and most challenging parts is being away from your family. Especially during special days like Christmas, New Year, birthdays, and anniversaries, you can’t help but to sacrifice just to give your family members a better life.

However, nothing is harder and more heartbreaking when one of your family members past away and you are not in the Philippines to see them on their last days in the country. While there are employers who are kind enough to allow their employees to go back to the home country, there are also others who refuse to allow them. This is the case that one of our kababayans is currently facing.

OFW in Riyadh Lost Her Family Members

An OFW in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia named Odessa Pearl Pansoy recently lost her mother and child in the Philippines. Although her contract with her employer already ended last September 2017, she still cannot go back to the Philippines.

Officials from the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices are already trying their best to reach out to the employer and the authorities of Riyadh to help the poor OFW, but the employer is still refusing to send her home.

Her family members are in the wake for 23 days already since her family is waiting for her to come back home. POLO tried contacting the employer several times but they are not answering their calls.

[Image Credit: Odessa Pearl Pansoy / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Odessa Pearl Pansoy / Facebook]

The Reason

When asked about the reason why they are refusing the OFW to go back, their answer angered a lot of people. Her employers said that her family members are already dead and even if she will go home and see them, they will not come back to life anymore. The poor OFW had to resort to video call just to see her family members.

There is no agency involved in this case too since our Kabayan is a direct hire.

It is really heartbreaking to see our family members pass away so we definitely understand this OFW’s situation. Hopefully, the government, especially President Duterte can do something for her.

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