Employer Looks a Domestic Helper in a Stockroom For Several Days

The domestic helper was locked in a stockroom for several days. [Image Credit: Car Togonon Sunga / Facebook]

About a third of children in the Philippines are experiencing poverty and were deprived of fundamental rights to proper nutrition and to be protected from abuses. To avoid living in poverty for life, parents and older siblings choose to go abroad and seek employment from foreign countries. They choose to live their lives as Overseas Filipino Workers because they want they families, especially their children to have a bigger and brighter future.

Unfortunately, this is becoming just dreams for some Filipino domestic workers who were not lucky to find better opportunities abroad. Some of them are suffering from the abuse and maltreatment of their employers, especially in Middle East countries. One of the hopefuls who will not be able to give her family a better life is Edrelyn.

Locked in the Stockroom

Edrelyn was working as a domestic helper for a family in Saudi Arabia. Everything looked okay for her until her female employer asked her to go downstairs in their stockroom and locked her there.

Simula nung 12 ng gabi, pinababa ako ng amo kong babae dito. Sabi nya po, dito na daw po ako sa baba. Mag-antay na lang daw po ako.

[Image Credit: Car Togonon Sunga / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Car Togonon Sunga / Facebook]

Starved Everyday

Not only is she trapped in the room, she was also starved by her employers. For three consecutive days, she was only getting a cup of instant noodles. Her madame also tried feeding her spoiled rice on her fourth day.

Hilung hilo na po ako. Masakit na po ulo ko.

[Image Credit: Car Togonon Sunga / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Car Togonon Sunga / Facebook]

Her male employer promised her that they are fixing her papers for her to come back to the country. However, Edrelyn thinks otherwise. With the amount of domestic helpers sold to other employers, we cannot blame the poor domestic helper for thinking about the worse.

Watch the video here:

She was forced to hide her smartphone from her employers so she can ask for help. All she wants now is to return to her family in one piece. She is already fearing for her life after being locked in the room for several days.

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