Employer Locks a Domestic Helper in Her Room For Three Days

An employer locks a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. [Image Credit: Juanita Viernes / Facebook]

When you are working as an Overseas Filipino Worker, one of the most challenging things that you will experience is homesickness and being away from your family. You may not experience spending important events with them like anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and holidays but for the sake of giving your family a better life, you are willing to sacrifice even your own happiness.

Do you have a family member who is working as an OFW? What do you think you will feel once you know that your family member is suffering from abuse from his or her employer?

[Image Credit: Juanita Viernes / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Juanita Viernes / Facebook]

Harassment Victim

One of our Kababayans working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia needs to be rescued. In a Facebook post shared by Juanita Viernes, an OFW named Jemma Mangulad, a resident of Dagupan, Tuao, Cagayan Valley, needs help.

The OFW is being harassed by her male employer. Viernes explained that the employer continuously kisses and hugs the domestic helper. When Mangulad refuses his advances and informed her female employer about the harassment, her madame called her crazy and locked her in her room. It’s been three days since the OFW last ate.

[Image Credit: Juanita Viernes / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Juanita Viernes / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Juanita Viernes / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Juanita Viernes / Facebook]
It’s Mangulad’s first time to work overseas. She arrived in Saudi Arabia to work for Abdlla Kalf Alkarni last November 2017.

What the OFW wants now is to be rescued from the hands of her current employers.

Although the issue in Riyadh was fixed by the government already and several OFWs, particularly domestic helpers who were abused by their employers are now with their families in the Philippines, the number of OFWs crying for help in Saudi Arabia is now growing in number. Our fellow kababayans don’t deserve this kind of treatment, even if they are being paid for their services. We hope that the government and the Embassy can do something to rescue this OFW.

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