Employer Hits the Domestic Helper’s Head in the Cemented Wall

A domestic helper is pleading for help after her employer abused her several times. [Image Credit: Nyl Era / Facebook]

Nowadays, it is common to see people wishing to work abroad. The question is: why do most Filipino have the urge to work overseas?

One of the main reasons why Filipinos are working abroad for work is the low average salary and benefits that they can get from employers in the Philippines. Professionals such as nurses, teachers, accountants, engineers, and others are inadequately paid compared to the compensation that they can get from working abroad. Skilled workers like housemaids and other laborers are better compensated abroad than in the Philippines.

Another reason is the high unemployment rate in the Philippines. Every year, many people are eager to graduate from college hoping to find a well-compensated job. But due to the declining work demand in the market and less available jobs, some of them are ending up working at fast-food chains, supermarkets, and other minor roles in the company.

[Image Credit: Nyl Era / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Nyl Era / Facebook]

Domestic Helper Abused by Her Employer

Providing a better future for her family in Iloilo is one of the reasons why Maricel Arim decided to work as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. However, instead of enjoying a better life for her and her family, she suffered from abuse instead.

A concerned Overseas Filipino Worker named Nyl Era shared Maricel’s story. According to her, Maricel was asking them for help to escape her employer.

[Image Credit: Nyl Era / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Nyl Era / Facebook]

Locked in a Dark Room

Her employer often abuses her physically. She often hit her head on the wall made of cement. There was also a point when the employer slaps her face several times using her hands and slippers. During the time Maricel sent a message to Nyl, her employer locked her in a dark room.

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The domestic helper is under the agency Dar Akeem Recruitment Office. There is no confirmation yet whether she already asked help from the agency but hearing the horror stories most of them experienced after asking help, her plea might just be useless.

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