Employer Gives a Domestic Helper Tasks Fitting For a Man and Asks Her to Clean Three Big Houses Everyday

The domestic helper tried committing suicide due to her situation. [Image Credit: YJhay Guerrero / Facebook]

A lot of Overseas Filipino Workers are trying their luck outside of the Philippines. They are working overseas to provide a more comfortable and more stable life for their families back in the country.

However, there are sacrifices to make once you decide to work as an OFW. There will be multiple times when you will feel homesick. You will not be able to attend family events and special occasions. Plus, there are endless hours of work that you need to render to receive a fatter paycheck for the family.

If you are not aware, some of our Filipino workers are even experiencing worse as they are suffering abuse at the hands of their employers.

[Image Credit: YJhay Guerrero / Facebook]
[Image Credit: YJhay Guerrero / Facebook]

Domestic Helper Abused by Her Employer Physically

A Facebook user named YJhay Guerrero shared to a group intended for OFWs to seek help for a domestic helper who was abused physically by her employers.

In a video, Edelyn Motol Cha shared that she has been working as a domestic helper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for one year and nine months but she can no longer finish her contract by June. Before she moved to the country to work, she was not informed that she would need to clean three big houses for her daily task.

Since the task is too much for one person to handle, she asked the help of her agency so she can go back to the country. But instead of helping, her agency, ABC Manpower Agency, told her that she’s in the country to work. They also asked her to wait for one more month in the hopes that her mind will change.

[Image Credit: YJhay Guerrero / Facebook]
[Image Credit: YJhay Guerrero / Facebook]

Sabi ng agency ko, nagpunta daw po ako dito para magtrabaho. Try ko daw ng one month baka magbabago tapos tumawag daw po ako sa kanila.

However, the treatment did not change and she doesn’t have any choice but to sacrifice for her family.

[Image Credit: YJhay Guerrero / Facebook]
[Image Credit: YJhay Guerrero / Facebook]

Calling Her Names

Edel also added that other than the physical abuse that she’s suffering from, her employer is fond of calling her names. She was often called stupid, even if she’s not doing anything. Although her employer knows her by name, she always calls her “dog.” She is always giving her tasks fit for a male.

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The poor domestic helper cannot take the treatment anymore and wishes to come back to her family in the country. This is alarming since according to the domestic helper’s family, she already tried committing suicide.

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