Employer Gives Their Domestic Helper a Surprise Birthday Party

A lucky domestic helper was given a surprise birthday party by her employers. [Image Credit: Kris Mallari / Facebook]
A lucky domestic helper was given a surprise birthday party by her employers. [Image Credit: Kris Mallari / Facebook]

Working in another country means a lot of sacrifices. It means being far away from your family and loved ones and not being with them even during special occasions and events.

With all the news that we hear and read about Overseas Filipino Workers who are being abused and maltreated by their employers, it may be a breath of fresh air to hear an OFW, particularly a domestic helper, who have a great experience working overseas. One of them is Kris Mallari, who is working as a domestic helper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Unexpected Turn of Events

It was a regular Monday for Kris when her boss informed her that there will be many visitors coming to their house on Friday and she needs to get ready. They were busy last Wednesday and Thursday putting up decorations and Christmas lights in their rest house. They also used up their Friday to prepare all the food for their visitors.

Because of their busy day, Kris forgot to take care of herself too. According to her, she looks like a beggar already since they were preparing everything for everyone who will come.

Sa dami ng gawain mukha na akong pulubi napabayaan kona sarili ko.😂😂

When their visitors started to come, her employer told her to go to her room and prepare herself. Thinking that she’s not included in the party, Kris just left appearance as is.

Mya maya sabi ng bos ko mag ayos daw ako mag damit daw ako ng maganda kasi daw maraming bisita..ako naman dko pinakinggan sabi ko pag dadamitin nyo ako ng maganda ayaw nyo nga ako palabasin..so dilang ako nag bihis hinayaan ko lang sarili ko na mukhang pulubi..haha..

Surprise Party

But something unexpected happened to Kris: When she was ushered to the resthouse, she was surprised when children started to hand her flowers and the visitors clapping their hands.

pag papasok ng resthouse yung mga bata naka hanay sa dadaanan ko at may mga hawak na bulaklak..pinag aabut sakin sabay sabi thank you MARIAM pag pasok ko sa rest house andun lahat ng bisita namin nag papalakpakan at sabi welcome MARIAM surprise sabay sindi ng fountain..😭😭 dko napigilan tumulo luha ko sobrang saya d ako mka paniwala na surprise birthday party ko pla yun ..halo halong emotion ang naramdaman ko hiya kasi yung itsura ko d ako prepare..kaba at excitement..

She was also surprised to see a birthday cake with her name and decorations greeting her a Happy Birthday. There were also a lot of gifts for her.

sa buong buhay ko ngayon lang to nangyari sakin nag bday ako nag debut nag graduate pero ni minsan dko naranasan ang masurprise ng ganto dito lang sa ibang bansa at ang gumawa pa diko kaano ano at higit sa lahat dko kalahi sabi ng bos ko sobrang thankful daw sya sakin kung pwede lang daw sana angkinin na nla ako bilang anak kung mapipigilan lang daw ang panahon gimawa na nla para dna matapos ng kontrata ko…

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Kris is very happy to find an employer who treats her like a daughter. Her employers even told her that they want to stop time so she’ll not finish her contract.

We wish that all employers are like this. If all OFWs are as lucky as Kris, our Pinoy workers will surely have a better life working abroad.

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