Employer Gifts a Filipina Domestic Worker a Two-Bedroom House

The Filipina domestic worker was lucky with her employer. [Image Credit: Khaleej Times]

As an Overseas Filipino worker, one of our dreams is to fulfill our dreams: send our children to school, put food on the table, and to purchase properties such as cars and houses. However, with the cost of all things getting higher and higher, it can be hard for us to fulfill our wishes. We need to work harder, render more overtimes, and possibly get another job just to tick off a box from our bucket list.

However, a Filipina domestic worker in Abu Dhabi was able to fulfill her dream of having a house for her family. The said OFW will soon be a proud owner of a house in her hometown — not because of the money she earned but because of her hard work.

Hard Work Surely Pays Off

The said Filipina domestic worker, Dina Tenerife Celo, a 45-year-old single mother, was given a huge gift by her Emirati employer. According to the Khaleej Times, her employer has gifted her DH23,000 (around PHP 320,000) to purchase a land in her hometown, Camarines Sur, Philippines.

Her employer, an American who acquired Emirati citizenship after marrying a UAE national named Melissa McPike, helped finance the construction of a two-bedroom house for the Filipina domestic worker.

I don’t have a penny as savings even after working in the UAE for two decades. Now, my dream is coming true, thanks to my madam. I feel lucky and blessed.

The said property was registered under Celo’s 21-year-old son, Ryan. Belo will fly back to the country for a full year leave, with her employer’s son, Saeed Al Muhairi, to accompany her in the construction of the house.

When my house is complete, my madam and her two sons have promised to visit and stay as my guests.

[Image Credit: Khaleej Times]

Part of the Family

According to McPike, helping in the construction of the house of the Filipina domestic worker is her own little way of helping her.

She does not consider her as an employee. She is one of our family. She has done so much for me and my children when they were young. I wanted to give back something to her.

Belo began working for McPike’s family in Khalifa City way back in 1998 after an unsuccessful stint in Saudi Arabia. She became the guardian of Saeed and Saif, who were six and four by the time.

I have had many other housemaids. But none were like Celo. She is trustworthy to the point that I even leave my debit card with her. She is hardworking and worked for us as though she belonged here. Even my children adore her and call her Aunty.

[Image Credit: Khaleej Times]
[Image Credit: Khaleej Times]

We are happy to know that one of our kababayans have a successful life while working abroad. Hopefully, we will hear more stories like this in the future.

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