Employer Accuses an OFW in Jordan of Stealing $2000; OFW Pleading For Her Safety

The OFW in Jordan is currently facing charges of theft and is afraid of her own security. [Image Credit: Anna Jess Macaundag]

Have you experienced to be accused of something that you didn’t do? Situations when people tells you that you committed something even if in reality, you did not?

Being accused and named names is something that each and every one of us faced in our lives. Some of us were accused of bad things while there are others accused of malicious lies.

However, being accused of stealing a large sum of money is something that we should be on high alert. This is what an OFW in Jordan is facing now.

[Image Credit: Anna Jess Macaundag]
[Image Credit: Anna Jess Macaundag]

What Happened?

In a Facebook video posted by Ann Melody Macaundag (under the name Anna Jess Macaundag), she is asking help from the embassy and fellow Filipinos with the situation she is currently facing.

Macaundag is currently working as an OFW in Jordan, under the agency First Personnel Services Agency in the Philippines and the Al Kahla Recruiting Agency in Jordan.

In the said video, Macaundag was crying and revealed the story of how her employer pointed fingers at her for allegedly stealing USD20,000. The night she was accused, her employers checked all of her things and her closet, but they were not able to see the stolen money.

[Image Credit: Anna Jess Macaundag]
[Image Credit: Anna Jess Macaundag]

Scared for Her Life

According to Macaundag, her employer threatened her that they know a judge in Jordan. She also added that if she will return the money, they will just forget about everything and will not surrender her to the police.

Macaundag insisted that she did not steal any money from her employers. According to her, she is afraid that her employers will do something regarding her safety in the house. She is scared that she will die or surrendered to the police in Jordan.

[Image Credit: Anna Jess Macaundag]
[Image Credit: Anna Jess Macaundag]

Kababayans, we need your help again for our fellow OFW in Jordan. Let us continue sharing the news to let the government agencies know what Macaundag is currently experiencing.

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