Embassy Saves the Physically Abused OFW From Baghdad

The Embassy immediately saved a physically abused OFW in Baghdad. [Image Credit: Alice Soriano Aguilan/Facebook]

We often hear stories of our fellow kababayans experiencing physical and sexual harassment in other countries. Some of them are still reported missing while there are others who were sent to the hospital for immediate care.

But there are also some of them who are lucky enough be to saved by the embassy and other concerned citizens, like what happened to Alice Soriano Aguilan, an Overseas Filipino Worker working in Baghdad.

[Image Credit: Alice Soriano Aguilan/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Alice Soriano Aguilan/Facebook]

Crying for Help

Yesterday, December 22, Aguilan posted a video in her Facebook book asking help from fellow Filipinos. According to her, one of her colleagues, who happens to be a relative of her employer, is beating her.

In the said video, we can see Aguilan with a black eye while crying for help. Her voice sounded very pitiful and you can see in her video that she is in desperate for help. The abuser can also be seen beating her up.

[Image Credit: Alice Soriano Aguilan/Facebook]

Rescued in just 15 Minutes

After the video was posted, netizens garnered their powers and shared the said video. It reached the Embassy of the Philippines to Baghdad and in just 15 minutes, Aguilan was rescued from her employer’s house.

Aguilan posted another video telling everyone that she is already in safe hands. She also mentioned that the Embassy already had her checked-up in the hospital. She also thanked all the people behind the rescue and the immediate support that she got after posting the viral video.

Although Aguilan does not trust the Embassy and the government before, she said that she is now a firm believer that OFWs who are abused like her can be saved. She also reminded every OFW that if they are suffering from abuse, they should cry for help immediately because there are people, especially the Embassy, willing to help.

[Image Credit: Alice Soriano Aguilan/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Alice Soriano Aguilan/Facebook]

We are happy to know that our fellow Kababayan is already in safe hands. This is indeed a great holiday gift for Aguilan’s family.

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