Elderly OFW Maintains Two Jobs in Hong Kong to Support His Family

Lolo Tony is a living testimony that working hard has no age limit. [Image Credit: Inquirer]

Let’s face it: A lot of us would not think about how much an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is earning but rather how much we can get from an OFW once they go back in the country. Many people think that an OFW is a gold mine and they don’t really care about how much they are giving away since they are earning a lot.

But in reality, a lot of them are just earning the same amount that a regular office worker in the Philippines has. Some of them need to get another job just to sustain the needs of their growing family.

That’s the same thing that Lolo Tony or Antonio Espia in real life is doing in Hong Kong.

[Image Credit: Inquirer]

Juggling Two Jobs

Lolo Tony is a 62 years old man from Hong Kong. He’s maintaining two jobs to support his family.

He works as a service crew of Jollibee from 6 p.m. up to 12 midnight every day, except Fridays and Saturdays. When people start queueing for dinner at 6 p.m. in the famous food chain, he would smile at every customer. Sometimes, he would even exchange a quick chat with a fellow Filipino.

During Friday and Saturday nights, Lolo Tony works as a musician at Tong’s Seafood and Grill in the New Territory.

[Image Credit: Inquirer]

Searching for a Better Life

Like a lot of Filipinos in other countries, Lolo Tony is in Hong Kong to search for a better life for him and his family.

He is a native of Molo, Iloilo, where he is the eldest of the siblings of nine from a poor family.

As a child, I learned how to sing, play guitar and keyboard. I joined singing contests and my winnings were used to buy food

Lolo Tony arrived in Hong Kong on December 26, 1989, where he started working as a musician in Regal Hotel on Body Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. During his 28 years staying in the foreign country, he worked in various hotels. According to him, if you are talented, you will never go out of work.

[Image Credit: Inquirer]
Since Hong Kong is an expensive place to live in, even senior citizens are forced to work and live on their own. But Lolo Tony is still very positive.

We do everything to give our families something better. We don’t think of ourselves anymore because our families’ needs come first.

Lolo Tony is indeed a good inspiration for everyone. What can you say about his story? It’s very uplifting, right?


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