Double Story House Plan: 3-Bedroom Home In A 315 Square Feet Area

Double Story House Plan: 3-Bedroom Home In A 315 Square Feet Area

Looking for your future home?

The house plan for today will help you live easily and effortlessly with its total area of 815 square feet and with thee bedrooms in a one and a half storey home.

Choosing a house not only depends on your budget. It also depends on your personal preferences too. While a one-story house will cost you relatively lower than a bigger home, the space is limited. You cannot place several bedrooms because of the living space.

Meanwhile, a two-story house can be more expensive, but it is a cost-saver in the long run. You don’t need to think about renovating your house in the future for an additional room as you can place all rooms all in one place.

If you are looking for a modern style two-story house, then you are in the right place!

This house plan features a modern style minimalist home. From the exterior of the house, you will immediately get a homey vibe to it.

The whole house is painted in immaculate white, with wooden accent walls. A distinguishing feature of this home is the terrace complete with steel railings on the second floor.

Looking at the floor plan, this double story house features three bedrooms and one toilet and bath. It also has a spacious living room, a dining hall, and an L-shaped kitchen. There’s also a washing area at the back, which can also be used as a dirty kitchen.

All occupants have their own privacy as each bedrooms on the second floor has its own ensuite toilet and bath. The staircase also has a hidden storage room.

The unique feature of this double story house, which is the second floor, is the perfect spot for your breakfast, parties, and even for relaxation.You can also choose to convert it into a fully functional floor, if you would need more rooms.

How about you, which would you choose: A small one-story house which is within your budget or would you like to splurge a little and get your dream house?

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