Domestic Helpers Share Their Wonderful Experience With Their Employer Who Treats Them Like Family Members

Domestic Helpers share their fun and loving relationship with their kind employer. [Image Credit: Littelyn Love / Facebook]

Many Filipinos are choosing to work in other countries because of the employment opportunities that companies abroad are providing. These companies are giving thrice or even five times the amount of salary that they are getting from companies in the Philippines. Some also give better benefits not only for the Filipino worker but also for his beneficiaries and the whole family.

There are many great stories of Filipinos who find a successful life in other countries. Some of them were able to invest and save a lot of money in just a few years of working abroad. Recently, there are a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers who are sharing their negative and worst experiences with their employers. Some of them are even posting videos of themselves describing the horrors that they are experiencing.

But these videos will surely change your perspective: domestic helpers share their wonderful and fun bond with their employer in Jordan.

[Image Credit: Littelyn Love / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Littelyn Love / Facebook]

Lucky Domestic Helpers

Domestic helper Littelyn Love shared two videos of her, her colleague, as well as their employer while having fun in their house in Jordan. According to Littelyn Love, she is thanking God for giving them an employer who is not only very kind to them, she is always there to help them whenever they need her.

Littelyn Love also added that her employer is easy to get along with and she loves them, even if they are her employees.

Nag papaslamat po kami kay God na bngyan kami ng employer na subrang bait at lagi nanjan sa amin sa oras na kailangan namin subrang galing makisma sa amin kaya subra din po namin cla kamahal.

[Image Credit: Littelyn Love / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Littelyn Love / Facebook]

Having Fun at Home

A proof that their employer is one of the kindest one there is, Littelyn Love shared how they are having fun in their house. Copying the popular “Taga-Saan ka?” Of Its Showtime, the two domestic helpers are asking their female employer where she’s from, to which she responds “America!” while dancing.

They can be heard laughing merrily as if they are family members.

Watch the inspiring videos here.

Although there are a lot of horror stories online, some of our kababayans are lucky to find employers who love them and treat them like family members. Kudos to this employer!

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