Domestic Helper’s Plea: After Reporting Harassment to Female Employer, She’s Beaten and Sold to Another Employer

A domestic helper is crying for help after her employer sold her to another one. [Image Credit: Mckinley Kaizer Valdez / Facebook]

A lot of our kababayans working as Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait are now happily reunited with their families in the Philippines. After several reports of OFWs, particularly domestic helpers, were abused by their employers, the Department of Labor and Employment, together with President Rodrigo Duterte, immediately imposed the employment ban. Thanks to the joint efforts of the government and the airline companies in the country, these OFWs can now live an abuse-free life with their loved ones. Several lives are saved and a lot of them can now live a better life.

Although OFWs from Kuwait are now away from the abuse and maltreatment of their employers, the number of Filipino domestic helpers crying for help because they are physically, mentally, and sexually abused by their employers in Saudi Arabia is now growing in number. One of these OFWs is Rosalyn Cortez.

[Image Credit: Mckinley Kaizer Valdez / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Mckinley Kaizer Valdez / Facebook]

What Happened to Her?

According to Rosalyn, the brothers of her female employer harassed and sexually abused her. Because of her experience, she immediately reported it to her female employer, thinking that she will help her and reprimand the abusers.

However, instead of sympathizing with her situation, her female employer slapped her several times. She was beaten for telling the truth.

In addition, instead of returning the Pinay domestic helper to her agency, she was sold to another employer instead.

[Image Credit: Mckinley Kaizer Valdez / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Mckinley Kaizer Valdez / Facebook]
The OFW does not know what to do. She doesn’t know where she is. According to her, it’s been two days since she last ate as well.

Watch the video here:

Our kababayans who are working as domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia does not deserve this. They deserve to be treated like normal people too. The government should do something to help them and we need to do our part to let the government know about it too. Let us stop the abuse.

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