Domestic Helper’s Family Crying for Help: The Domestic Helper is Currently Confined and in Critical Condition in Mubarak Hospital

A domestic helper is currently confined in Mubarak Hospital. [Image Credit: Win'win Verzosa / Facebook]
A domestic helper is currently confined in Mubarak Hospital. [Image Credit: Win'win Verzosa / Facebook]

Whatever part of the world you will go, you will easily find Filipinos roaming and working around the globe. Filipinos are among the most dedicated workers in the world. Our qualities are commended by people of different races. Filipinos can easily adapt to different cultures easily.

One of the many reasons why there are a lot of Filipinos around the world is because of the increasing numbers of Overseas Filipino Workers who are trying to seek opportunities abroad. If you will ask these OFWs the reason they are deciding to work away from their families, they will point at the high salary and better benefits that are provided by foreign companies. Because of these advantages, they can send their children and other family members to better schools and live a more comfortable life in the country.

[Image Credit: Win'win Verzosa / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Win’win Verzosa / Facebook]

Dreams Were Shattered

However, not all OFWs are lucky to find their fortune outside the Philippines. A Filipina working as a domestic helper in Kuwait was dreaming fo giving her family a better life when she flew to the Middle East. However, instead of finding fortune and luck, her family’s dreams shattered upon knowing that she fell on a comatose.

The domestic helper’s sibling, Win’win Verzosa shared the devastating news for their family: her sister (name unknown), who is working as a household helper in Kuwait, is currently confined in Mubarak Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. He is asking help from everyone to share his post until the media and the government see it and rescue her sister.

[Image Credit: Win'win Verzosa / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Win’win Verzosa / Facebook]

Angry at a Filipina Worker

In another Facebook post, Win’win shared a photo of another Filipina, who, according to her, is working at the agency of her sister. Win’win also added that her sister tried asking help from the said person, but was refused.

She also revealed that her sister went to the said agency several times, but every time she is asking help, the same person is refusing to provide any help.

Read the story here:

attention please.sana po matulungan niyo kami.ang ate ko po ay nasa MABURAK HOSPITAL sa KUWAIT po nasa ICU po…

Posted by Win'win Verzosa on Monday, March 12, 2018


We are hoping and praying that our kababayan will be safely rescued and returned to her family in Tacloban. Our prayers for the family.



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