Domestic Helper Seeks Rescue After Suffering From Abuse and Not Receiving Her Salary For Three Months

According to the domestic helper, she was abused and was not given her salary for three months. [Image Credit: Glynne Marie Aliposo Manliguez]

Are Filipinos working in other countries because of poverty? Or is it the latest trend and opportunities being offered? Over the years, poverty is one of the most common reasons why Filipinos are choosing to go out of the country to find a job that can sustain their needs as well as for their families.

More and More Filipinos Are Leaving the Country

In fact, the Philippines send more people to work abroad compared with other countries in the world. About 10 percent of the population in the country have worked outside the Philippines. Filipinos work in almost every country, except North Korea. In the United Kingdom alone, there are already 2.5 million workers while there’s nearly a million in Saudi Arabia and hundreds of thousands in the Middle East are working as domestic workers or skilled workers.

Overseas Filipino Workers work abroad to escape poverty and unemployment. By serving foreigners, these people can send their children to the best schools and provide a better future for the family.

[Image Credit: Glynne Marie Aliposo Manliguez]

Domestic Helper Suffering in Kuwait

This is what a domestic helper named Chona was dreaming of giving her family a better life before flying to Kuwait to work as a domestic helper. However, her dreams started to shatter after suffering from the abuse from her employers.

According to her, her employers confiscated her smartphone. They also purposely hurt her physically.

[Image Credit: Glynne Marie Aliposo Manliguez]
If you think these are already the worst, she is experiencing more. In a Facebook video, she recalled that after suffering from abuse from the hands of her employers, they are also not paying her salary for three months.

The domestic helper felt that she is working for nothing and just want to go back to her family in the Philippines. She is currently staying at Jahra Qadem Block 5, Street 1, Jadda 2, House 41, Kuwait.

[Image Credit: Glynne Marie Aliposo Manliguez]
Watch her video here:

With everything that is happening in Kuwait, we are hoping that our kababayan will be rescued immediately.

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