Domestic Helper in Saudi Crying for Help: Employer is Keeping Mum Over Her Unknown Skin Disease

The domestic helper in Saudi is suffering from an unknown skin disease. [Image Credit: ChaiiRhine Buisa]

It’s really heartbreaking to see and hear news about our Overseas Filipino Workers suffering from abuse, physically and sexually, from their employers — people who were supposed to comfort and shield them from harm. A lot of our kababayans, especially those from the Middle East, are suffering from harm and were all crying for immediate help since they cannot take the abuse anymore.

Because of the abuse that our kababayans are suffering from, the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte as well as the Department of Labor and Employment, issued an Administrative Order that will hinder employment and recruitment agencies from sending Filipinos in Riyadh — after seven of our fellow OFW died because of abuse and suicide.

Another Case of Abuse

Meanwhile, while our country and our government are fighting against the abuse that our OFWs are experiencing, another domestic helper in Saudi Arabia is crying for help.

In a Facebook post by a netizen named ChaiiRhine Buisan, she is calling out the public service personnel Raffy Tulfo to help her friend named Mahather JR SamAd ALi to return to the Philippines.

Unknown Skin Disease

According to the video of Ali as posted by Buisan, the domestic helper in Saudi Arabia is suffering from an unknown skin disease but her employer is not doing any actions.

The unknown skin disease already scattered in the body of the OFW, including her back, face, and scalp. Although she’s not experiencing abuse from her employer, this is a serious case to look on to and needs immediate medical assistance.

All skin diseases need to be checked by a specialist or dermatologist. If left untreated, it can pose harm not only to the carrier, but also the people around her. Since the employers are not doing any action, they can also put their families at risk if the skin disease can be carried from one person to another.

Hopefully, our government can do something again to help our kababayan in Saudi Arabia.

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