Domestic Helper in Saudi Arabia Held at Gunpoint By Her Employer’s Son

The poor OFW in Saudi Arabia was harmed by her agency. [Image Credit: OFW Chronicles / Facebook]

Working in another country as an Overseas Filipino Worker provides a lot of great opportunities. However, it also comes with certain risks. Even if a lot of OFWs do not encounter serious problems while they are working abroad, we hear cases of exploitation, trafficking, and abuse of our fellow kababayans.

When you watch TV, listen to the radio or read articles, you may learn about the cases of abuse among our modern-day heroes. Thanks to the new technology and social media, Facebook is now becoming an outlet for the OFWs, particularly domestic helpers, who are abused by their employers, to seek immediate help. Even if the stories may be awful and pitiful for the victim, there are still a lot of success stories and lives saved after posting it online.

We hope that this success story will apply to this domestic helper in Saudi Arabia.

[Image Credit: OFW Chronicles / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW Chronicles / Facebook]

What Happened?

In the video shared by OFW Chronicles, a domestic helper named Amera Mayo was held at gunpoint by her employer’s son, who is working as a police in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Luckily, she was able to escape after running to the next house.

According to a post of Afcar M. Akmad, Amera was also physically abused. She was tasked to clean the house alone, which was composed of three floors. Her employers also took all of her things, including her contract and other documents.

Her employer also stated that they will take her to another house to work there. However, the domestic helper refused since she knows that she might die if she’ll move to another family.

[Image Credit: OFW Chronicles / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW Chronicles / Facebook]

Danger Caused by the Agency

The domestic helper also revealed that her agency, which was supposed to help her, was the one who put her in danger. When she asked help from her agency, The Placement Group Manpower Provider Incorporated (not clear; may not be the exact name of the agency), they took her cellular phone and belongings.

Watch her video here:


The poor OFW does not have any place to go. She doesn’t have any money to go back to her family in the Philippines.

We are hoping that this is the end of our kababayan’s pain and hardship. The government should act immediately before anything worse happen to this domestic helper.

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