Domestic Helper in Saudi Arabia Drinks Water From the Bathroom After Employer Refuses to Feed Her

The domestic helper in Saudi Arabia is crying for help. [Image Credit: Gino Chan/Facebook]

More and more Overseas Filipino Workers are garnering their strengths and fight against the abuse from their employers by posting their experiences online. Instead of just simply receiving all the blows and physical abuse, our OFWs are now learning to stand up and ask help through social media.

Although there are abused OFWs who were already saved by government entities like the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Embassies, as well as the public service, show Raffy Tulfo in Action, there are more OFWs still crying for help.

[Image Credit: Gino Chan/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Gino Chan/Facebook]

Another OFW Needs Help

Another OFW, who is working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia, is crying for help. The OFW, Ledilyn de Leon Bermudez, a native of Cotabato City, revealed that her employer is no longer giving her food to eat since she is not working anymore.

According to the post of a netizen named Gino Chan, the domestic helper cannot work due to the wounds and inflammation on her hands because of too many housework. Bermudez can no longer move her hand at times.

[Image Credit: Gino Chan/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Gino Chan/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Gino Chan/Facebook]

Making Everything Work for Herself

Based on the post of Chan, Bermudez is already making everything work for herself to live: She is even drinking the water from the bathroom, even if it is too salty and may not be safe for drinking.

The domestic helper also revealed that her employer confiscated her other cellphone after knowing that she informed her family about her current situation. The said employer is also trying to get her remaining cellphone but she was able to hide it immediately.

Our Kababayan is asking for help since she wants to go back to her family in the Philippines. Hopefully, we can help this Kababayan again and let her go back safely to her hometown like the other OFWs.

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