Domestic Helper Recalls How Her Employer Tried to Enter the Room Where She’s Taking Her Shower

A domestic helper in Kuwait recalls how her employer tried to enter the room where she’s taking a shower. [Image Credit: Melanie Peralta Concepcion Tamayo / Facebook]

What’s the best memory that you have with your parents? Is it going out with them? Spending anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and other special events? Eating out, going on vacation or spending your weekend doing movie marathons?

There are a lot of things that you can do with your loved ones, especially with your parents. But what will you do if you cannot spend time with them simply because they are too far away? Because they are working as Overseas Filipino Workers to provide your family with a better future?

This is what the family of Melanie Peralta Concepcion Tamayo is feeling right now. After Melanie left the family to work abroad, they were expecting that they can live a better life because of the salary that the OFW will be getting. They can start reaching for their dreams and plan for the future.

Dreams Turned Into a Nightmare For This OFW

Unfortunately, instead of reaching for their dreams, Melanie’s life abroad turned out to be a nightmare.

In a Facebook post, Melanie recalled how she sacrificed and strived harder to stay in her employer’s house as their household helper. Every time her employers are fighting, she is always part of it. She is trying to be patient and understanding since it will only take a few months before her contract ends.

[Image Credit: Melanie Peralta Concepcion Tamayo / Facebook]
However, she cannot take the sufferings anymore when her baba (male employer) tried to sexually assault her. At 2 in the morning, while taking a shower after work, she noticed that someone is trying to open the door. Although she shouted to the person not to open the door, she was surprised when her baba peeped.

Binuksan parin nya at sumilip. Si baba …….dun n ko sumigaw..di ko n. Kaya..please kunin nyu n ko dto. ..di ko n kaya..bka s sunod anu n gawin nya.

She checked the other rooms where she is staying and was surprised to see that everything doesn’t have any lock: The bathroom she is frequently using and the children’s room where she is sleeping.

The domestic helper is afraid that once she is sleeping or in a compromising position, her employer does something to her.

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