Domestic Helper in Kuwait: Employer Locks Me in The House

The domestic helper in Kuwait reported that she’s locked out and abused by her employers.
The domestic helper in Kuwait reported that she’s locked out and abused by her employers.

Why do a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers take videos?

Some of them are shooting videos for their loved ones to see in the Philippines. These videos are proof that they are doing well in the countries where they are working. However, there are also a lot of OFWs who are taking videos of themselves or their fellow kababayans to report issues of abuse.

Seeing viral videos of our fellow OFWs suffering from the beatings and sexual abuse of their employers make us go back and think: why are they experiencing it? Is the government not doing anything? Were their agencies and families aware of the sufferings?

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Pleading for Help

This is what a domestic helper in Kuwait is experiencing in her host country now.

Based on the video posted by Katherine Japhne on Facebook, her friend, Lorry Mas Padre Balandiang, reported issues of abuse from her female and male employers.

According to Balandiang, her real employer was the son of her current employers, but for unknown reasons, she was passed from the son to the parents.

The domestic helper in Kuwait reported that her employers are hurting her physically. She was also tasked to wash their clothes manually by hand.

[Image Credit: Katherine Japhne/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Katherine Japhne/Facebook]

Locked Out

Other than experiencing abuse from her employers, there were videos of Balandiang showing the whole house and saying how her employers locked her out.

Japhne also called out her agency, Mothers Way Agency. According to her, her agency might already have been aware of the case of the domestic helper in Kuwait but they are not doing anything.

She is currently staying at Qusour B. 7 S. 34 House #46, Kuwait. Hopefully, the government will be able to save her.

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