Domestic Helper in Kuwait Begs For Immediate Rescue As Her Employer Frequently Abuses Her

[Image Credit: Mirriam Castro / Facebook]

Nowadays, more and more people from the country are wishing to work overseas. Why do most Filipinos have the dreams to work abroad?

Leaving the country means detachment from their families and being content with just having long distance calls, instant messages, and social media chats. It also means depriving yourself of watching your children grow, going to special events of the family, and sacrificing your own happiness in exchange for a better and brighter future.

Fortunately, our Overseas Filipino Workers are given a chance to spend a more quality life with their families once their contract expires. However, one of our kababayans is worrying that she might not be able to spend time with her family.

[Image Credit: Mirriam Castro / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Mirriam Castro / Facebook]

Too Much Abuse

In a Facebook post shared by Mirriam Castro, Filipino worker Mylin Sullano has been working as a domestic helper in Kuwait. She revealed that her female employer pushed her hard, resulting in her head hitting the corner of the bed. This is not the first time that she suffered from the abuse from her madame. Whenever she does something wrong, the employer will hurt her physically.

To stop the suffering, Mylin went to her agency twice to ask for help. However, she was rejected twice as well. She was ordered by her agency to come back to her employers.

[Image Credit: Mirriam Castro / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Mirriam Castro / Facebook]

Fearing For Her Life

Because of the abuse that she’s suffering from, she’s always trembling in fear whenever her employer is angry. She’s confused on what to do and is afraid that she might suffer the same fate as the other OFWs who died at the hands of their employers.

Watch the video here:


Currently, the domestic helper is still waiting for help and rescue. She is residing at Block 1 Street 151 Building 341 Flat 2 Floor Jaber Alahmand Kuwait. Hopefully, our kababayan will be rescued from the hands of her abusive employer.

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