Domestic Helper in Kuwait is Asking For Rescue After Fearing For Her Life

A domestic helper in Kuwait fears for her life. [Image Credit: Ako C Tonne Mo / Facebook]

We might think that since Overseas Filipino Workers are living and working in another country, they have a better and luxurious life abroad. As a matter of fact, some relatives are asking money from them as if they are just picking money on the floor because of the belief that they are earning big to support several families back in the Philippines.

Unknown to many of us, several of these Filipino workers are suffering from the hands of their employers. Other than the feeling of homesickness, they are also abused physically and sexually by their employers.

Serving as a Domestic Helper in Kuwait

An unnamed OFW in Kuwait is asking for immediate help since she’s fearing for her life. In a self-made video, the OFW, under the username Ako C Tonne Mo, is recalling the events that happened to her life.

According to her, her employer’s son broke the mirror in her madame’s room. Upon learning of the incident, her madame was furious not only to her son but also to the domestic helper.

The OFW was taken to her madame’s room and was scolded several times. Not only that, the employer was also holding the shard of glass, making her fear for her life. She thought that the employer will hurt her using the piece of glass.

Fearing of what will happen next, the domestic helper is now calling out her agency and the Kuwait Embassy. She cannot escape the said house because her employer’s son is a policeman. She is also afraid that once the male employer is back from his vacation, he will reprimand her. There is a possibility that she might suffer not only from verbal abuse but also physical and mental abuse as well.

She is currently staying at Hateen Block 3, House 15, Street 311.

You may watch the video here:

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