Domestic Helper Fears For Her Life After Her Madame Tells Her to Pay P150,000 or She Will Be Surrendered to the Police

A domestic helper is now fearing for her life after her madame threatened her that she will be taken to the police. [Image Credit: Limawag Na Dugaing Kalasahan / Facebook]

Overseas Filipino Workers are choosing to work in another country to provide their families with a better future. Some even sacrifice their own happiness, emotions, and sometimes, safety, because of the better employment opportunities in the other countries. They can get a bigger salary from what they are receiving in the Philippines, which means they can send more remittances to their loved ones.

However, one of the challenges that these migrant workers are experiencing is their employer’s abuse of authority. Some employers refuse to pay their domestic helpers even months after months of service. There are also increasing number of reports saying that these employers are abusing their household helpers not only emotionally but physically and mentally. Like this OFW named Laila Esmail Akmad.

[Image Credit: Limawag Na Dugaing Kalasahan / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Limawag Na Dugaing Kalasahan / Facebook]

Domestic Helper to be Surrendered to the Police

Laila has been working as a domestic helper for the family of Ahmed Hamoud Madi Al-Otaibi in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, even ten months after servicing the family, her madame or female employer is treating her abusively.

In a self-shot video, Laila recalled how she was treated: she was threatened by the female employer that she will be taken to the police because she took a photo of her. However, even after she gave her smartphone to her employers for checking, they were not able to find anything.

[Image Credit: Limawag Na Dugaing Kalasahan / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Limawag Na Dugaing Kalasahan / Facebook]

Out of Jealousy?

Her male employer told her that they cannot find any images on her phone, which just fuelled the anger of her madame. Because her male employer is treating her nicely, her madame is always angry, probably due to jealousy. She was also ordered to pay P150,000.

Fearing for her safety, Laila just wants to come back to her family in the Philippines. She is afraid that something worse might happen to her if she will be surrendered to the police.

Watch the videos here:

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