Shaking and Terrified: Domestic Helper Escapes From Her Employer’s House After Suffering From Abuse

A domestic helper escapes from her employers’ house. [Image Credit: Bryan Paule / Facebook]

The Facebook Live video featuring an unnamed Overseas Filipino Worker in Kuwait revealing the abuse that she suffered from the hands of her employers is now gaining popularity online.

In his social media account, fellow Pinoy worker Bryan Paule shared the experiences that the unnamed domestic helper is suffering from for the past few months.

[Image Credit: Bryan Paule / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Bryan Paule / Facebook]

Domestic Helper Escapes

According to the domestic helper (who came from Isabela), she escaped from the house of her current employer because they were consistently beating her. She does not have any contacts with her family because her employers confiscated her mobile phone. They also refused to give her the salary she worked for.

She escaped from her employer’s house after hearing that they will sell her to another family who needs a household helper. The panicking domestic helper only has her documents and a small plastic bag. She doesn’t know what to do and was shaking all throughout the video, a proof that she is afraid and terrified of what will happen next.

No Help From the Agency

She also explained that she already sought help from her agency but they are not responding nor helping her at all. She hasn’t taken a bath for two days and was only wearing a pair of socks to cover her feet. The poor domestic helper is also covered in bruises and marks.

All she wants to do now is to go back to her family in the Philippines.

You may watch the whole video here:


Update From Bryan

In a Facebook post, Bryan said that the domestic helper is now safe and in the hands of the Embassy. He also called the attention of those who are bashing him and his coworker and told them that unlike in the Philippines, everyone should be on high alert when it comes to helping other people in the Middle East.

Kudos to you, Bryan and thank you for helping our Kababayan!

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