Domestic Helper in Bahrain Is Suffering From Diabetes Infection; Employer Refuses to Release Her

A domestic helper in Bahrain is suffering from complications of diabetes. [Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Over the past few months, the reports regarding the female Overseas Filipino Worker’s dead body, Joanna Demafelis, who was found inside the freezer of an apartment in Kuwait, has been the headlines of local and international media outlets.

Because of this, the government immediate acted and imposed a strict permanent employment ban in sending OFW to Kuwait.

However, that did not stop the number of abused and maltreated Filipino migrant workers abroad. The Filipino migrant workers who are reporting the unfortunate incidents in their lives is increasing.

One of them is Maura Moring.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Domestic Helper Refused to be Released

According to another concerned Filipino worker, Maura Moring has been working as a domestic helper in Bahrain. Her contract will end this coming May 17. However, the problem is that her employer is refusing to end her contract since it’s already Ramadan and they need a household help to tend to their needs.

The said employers are refusing to give her the release papers that she needs in order to get an exit visa and go back to the country.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

More Problems

Although the domestic helper is not suffering from abuse from her employers, her health is deteriorating due to an unknown infection in her feet that looks like a diabetes infection. In a self-shot video she submitted, she cannot walk properly because of the said infection. Her left feet are also covered with scars and is in a darker shade, indicating that it’s been there for a very long time.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
Watch the video and read the story here:

Unfortunately, the said domestic helper doesn’t have any contact number. She needs to seek medical help immediately so we can examine her feet.

The only details that we have, from the original post, is that she is from Davao. Her current address and agency details are not mentioned.

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