Domestic Helper’s Appearance Changes From Healthy to Skin and Bones Because of Maltreatment

[Image Credit: OFW Bisaya / Facebook]

Experiencing hardships and sufferings may not be something new for a person who is working overseas. Being away from their loved ones means not having time to spend special events with them. There will be no chance for you to feel the love and care of your family physically and you are forced to just communicate with them using different forms of social media and make use of the technology.

However, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse is a different story.

Hearing stories of physically abused Overseas Filipino Workers is saddening and angering at the same time. Our modern day heroes as well call them are doing their best to give their families a bigger and brighter future. Unfortunately, in the process, they are suffering from the hands of their employers.

One of them is OFW Gemma Madera Damuran.

[Image Credit: OFW Bisaya / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW Bisaya / Facebook]

From Healthy to Skin and Bones

According to Facebook Page OFW Bisaya, Gemma has been working as a domestic helper for a family in Saudi Arabia for a year. Her family thought she is having a good life in the Gulf Estate but they were surprised to see the huge changes in her physically.

From her healthy body, Gemma now looks sickly and skin and bones. She lost weight after her employers abused and maltreated her. From the previous contract that she will only serve her current employers, they always send her to different houses of their relatives to clean the place. They often starve her too.

[Image Credit: OFW Bisaya / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW Bisaya / Facebook]

Agency Refuses to Help

She already asked help from her agency, Sheeba International Manpower Services but according to them, they don’t have a domestic helper by the name of Gemma Madera Damuran. They also refused any connections with her.

The poor domestic helper wants to go back to her family because she cannot take the maltreatment anymore.

[Image Credit: OFW Bisaya / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW Bisaya / Facebook]
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