Dissolution of Marriage: Are OFWs in Favor of this Bill?

The House of Representative met with OFWs in Hong Kong to discuss the Bill of Dissolution of Marriage.
The House of Representative met with OFWs in Hong Kong to discuss the Bill of Dissolution of Marriage.

One of the problems that Overseas Filipino Workers face whenever they work abroad is being away from their family. Some of them experience homesickness while others have domestic problems too.

Unfortunately, because of being away with the family after several years, a lot of our kababayans have their relationships with their spouses broken. There are a lot of stories when some of them catch their spouses with a third party while there are also others who do not have families to go home to anymore after several years of working abroad.

This is what the House of Representative want to address.

Grounds for Dissolution of Marriage

After doing a consultation with several groups of OFWs in Hong Kong, the members of the House of Representative will also visit OFWs in Japan and the United Arab Emirates next month for another consultation regarding the House Bill Number 6027 or the Act Providing for Grounds for Dissolution of Marriage.

Due to the physical distances with their spouses, some OFWs are often victims of broken marriages. Because of this, several groups of OFWs in Hong Kong expressed their support for the bill authored by House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

How Will It Work?

A lot of OFWs in Hong Kong agree that this could simplify the process of ending a failed marriage.

Under the proposed bill, the process for the dissolution of marriage starts with the filing of a joint petition to the court. This petition includes the agreement of the couple about the custody of the children and their support, as well as the sharing of the division of their properties.

Currently, annulment ranges from P50,000 to P300,000. This amount is too much even for an OFW who is struggling to provide for the family.

Some OFWs in Hong Kong are also worried about the future of their investments that the estranged spouse is entitled to based on the Family Code.

Do you think the Philippines should have the Bill of Dissolution of Marriage? How do you think this would help not only with the OFWs but with other families in the country?

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