Daughter of an OFW in Saudi Arabia Asks Help To Return Her Mother in the Country

This OFW's daughter wants her mother to be rescued ASAP. [Image Credit: Marisol Abulo Lasconia / Facebook]

When we say Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW, we always think about them having a wonderful life. Many people even envy them whenever they post beautiful sceneries like Disneyland, the beach or a beautiful park. Whenever we see photos of them eating, we crave the food they eat. We also notice whenever they are online and send them messages and requests whenever they are online.

But have you really thought what is behind those pictures and smiles? I bet you don’t.

[Image Credit: iRemit]
We think OFWs as rich people. But would they even work abroad, away from their families if they are rich? When they come back after their contract, do they have a luxurious house or a brand new car? Hopefully, the answer is yes. But the truth is, not all of them are experiencing this.

Sadly, there are even OFWs, especially those working as domestic helpers, who are not given a chance to go back to their families. Some are even asking for rescue, hoping that the government and the embassy can find a way to help them return to their families in the Philippines.

One of them is the mother of Marisol Abulo Lasconia.

[Image Credit: Marisol Abulo Lasconia / Facebook]
According to Marisol, her mother has been working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. But two months after arriving and serving her host family, she experienced an accident.

Her employers took her immediately to the hospital for immediate help. Her right arm was casted.

[Image Credit: Marisol Abulo Lasconia / Facebook]
However, with no one to attend to the house’s needs, her employers requested for the cast to be removed immediately. Even without recovering completely, she was tasked to return to work.

Four months after the incident, she felt a strong pain in her arms again. She requested to leave the country but according to her employer, she can only return to the Philippines if she will pay the remaining of her contract.

Her family in the Philippines don’t know what to do or to whom they should ask help.

[Image Credit: Marisol Abulo Lasconia / Facebook]
Read the story here:

Hopefully, someone can rescue the poor OFW in Saudi Arabia. For sure, she needs another round of medical check-up for there might be something wrong with her right arm.

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