Cozy three-bedroom bungalow

Hello, guys! Today we are featuring another bungalow for your inspiration.  I know pretty well that most of you prefer a bungalow or a single storey house for many reasons.  First, it is more affordable compared to a double storey house.  It does not require the foundation that a double storey house does.  Secondly, it is the best choice for elder family members and for kids. All the rooms and parts of a house are all located in one floor.  You do not need to go upstairs to access them and because of this, toddlers and elder people do not need to climb upstairs reducing the risks of falling.

It is easier to maintain and it offers a vast expanse of area.  Bungalows, however, need to be built in a bigger lot to accommodate all the rooms and other parts of the house like a veranda, a laundry area and a garage.

Looking at this bungalow house here, we can tell right away that it has a simple design and it is not too complicated and.  It is a design that looks like it is affordable to build and maintain.  It employs minimalism and this is what most homeowners prefer these days.

Its frontage has an open porch where you can spend some time for your coffee or just a time to enjoy the morning sunshine or the breezy twilight.  The design of the garage is perfectly situated in one side, which gives an easy access to your car when you use it for emergency and errands.

But how much does it cost to build this house? Well, if you want to build exactly like you see in the photos, you need a budget of at least US$40,000 or 2 million pesos to start with.  That amount will complete the structure and very rough finish.  To bring to a semi-finished state, you need to dole out US$70,000.  For its finished state, you can add another 10,000-20,000 depending on what kind of finishing you want.

Product Specifications:

  • one-storey house
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1 extended living room
  • kitchen and dining
  • porch
  • carport
  • Budget: USD 40,000-70,000 or Php 2-3.5M

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Source: Plantas de Casas


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