Corpse found in a lake in Cyprus believed to be Cypriot serial killer’s 6th victim

After almost two months since Cyprus authorities discovered the dead bodies of the Cypriot serial killer’s victims, remains of a body stuffed in a suitcase was discovered on Tuesday, June 4, at the bottom of a lake in Cyprus.  It was believed to be the sixth victim of a suspected serial killer.

A Filipina identified as Maricar Valdez was reported missing and the suitcase is thought to contain her body.  The suitcase sunk because it was weighed down with slabs of pavement, a state radio reported.

“A suitcase was found in the lake which on first examination appears to be the remains of a body in a state of decomposition,” police spokesman Andreas Angelides told reporters.

“This is a very important development… we will now proceed with identifying the body,” he added.

A Greek Cypriot army officer, Nicos Metaxas, is in custody after reportedly confessing to murdering 7 foreign women, 5 adults and two of their daughters.

The world is shocked at the discovery of the victim’s bodies and even more shocked with the confession of the serial killer. New Cyprus police chief Kypros Michaelides stressed that what he saw at the lake was “unprecedented” in his 42 years of service and that he had never seen such “savagery”.

Investigators are still searching for the remains of a six-year-old Filipna girl who was also murdered by Metaxas.  The girl’s mother’s corpse was already found earlier in April when this killing was first discovered.

The murders were discovered in April when tourists spotted a body brought to the surface of a mine shaft by unusually heavy rains. That triggered a murder investigation which led to the army captain’s arrest on April 18.

The failure by the authorities to follow up on reports that the women were missing has sparked ire and led to the dismissal of the police chief and the resignation of the justice minister. – LMI

Source: Rappler

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