Employer Confiscated the OFW’s Phone After Catching Her Trying to Contact the Embassy; Domestic Helper Cannot Be Contacted Anymore

The family of the domestic helper in Kuwait cannot contact her anymore. [Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Overseas Filipino Workers are enduring loneliness and hardships abroad just to earn money and provide financial assistance to their families in the Philippines. A lot of them are forced to leave the country just to provide a better life for their loved ones in the country.

However, nowadays, we often hear and read a lot of news about Filipino workers who have been abused and harassed by their employers, particularly those working as domestic helpers in the Middle East. Another female OFW is asking for help after she was repeatedly abused by her employer.

Last Direct Contact with the Domestic Helper in Kuwait

Recently, the domestic helper’s niece shared the story of her aunt named Anacleta Flores who is working as a household helper in Kuwait. According to Tart Jo Rine, she’s working together with her aunt in the Gulf State but they are far from each other. Her aunt revealed that she’s being abused by her employer physically.

Anacleta’s employers also threatened her that they will burn all her clothes. While talking to her, she sounded very afraid.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Extension of Contract

The domestic helper’s contract already ended last November but her employers talked to her to extend her contract since she doesn’t have any replacement yet. She was treated nicely before but after extending her stay, they started abusing her physically.

The OFW also tried calling the embassy for her to be rescued from her employer’s house but nobody was answering the hotline. When Anacleta contacted her niece, the call suddenly got disconnected because somebody took the phone away from her. The last message they received from the OFW is when she’s asking for help to call a taxi so she can escape her employer’s house.

Tart Jo Rine and her family are now worrying since they’re not hearing anything from her aunt.

Read the story here:

Anacleta’s family is now asking for help to save the OFW from her abusive employer and resolve the issue.

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