Caregiver in the US scammed by her online gold digger boyfriend she had not met personally

How far would you go for a relationship? Are you willing to pay the “price” to maintain it? Let’s read the love story of Myca Soliman, 24 years old, working as a caregiver in California and Ren Magtoto, 29 years old, a factory worker in Korea, who are in a long distance relationship.

Nicole Soliman, sister of Myca, went to Raffy Tulfo on behalf of her sister to report what has been happening between Myca and Ren.  Myca is working as a caregiver in Los Angeles, California and was in a relationship with Ren Magtoto for three years.  They met on Facebook and never met personally.  However, Ren was being met several times by Nicole and her other sister who was unnamed to protect her identity.

Ren Magtoto used to visit Nicole and her sister and would sleep over.  They don’t live with their parents because their mother died already and their father is not living with them.


The first issue raised against Ren Magtoto is that he was financed by her girl friend Myca while he was in the Philippines unemployed until he went to Korea to work in a factory.  Myca also financed his application to work in Korea. In an interview with Raffy Tulfo, Myca revealed that she was being forced by her boyfriend Ren Magtoto to send him money because he was unemployed and used to tell Myca that if she really loved him, she should send him regularly.  And because Myca loved him, she regularly sent him money which amounted to more or less half a million pesos.

Nicole showed Tulfo the evidences like screenshot of chats between Myca and Ren where Ren was asking Myca money forcibly.  In a phone interview, Ren denied the accusations saying Myca willingly gave him money as gifts for his birthday and other special occasions.

The other issue raised is that according to Nicole and Myca, Ren Magtoto used to take advantage of their younger sister by holding her legs and almost slipped his hand into her private parts when they were sleeping.  Ren used to visit them in their house and would sleep over. The siblings wanted to file a case against Ren for his act of lasciviousness .

They were advised by Tulfo to talk to Ren Magtoto about this case.  The issue about money was settled between Magtoto’s family and Myca’s family in the barangay hall of Barangay Alasas, San Fernando, Pampanga in front of the barangay captain.  Magtoto’s family agreed to pay the amount of Php 90,000 to Myca’s family  with 30,000 monthly for three months.  The first payment is scheduled on July 18, 2019.

Myca and Ren officially ended up their relationship and stopped communicating with one another. – LMI

Source: Raffy Tulfo

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