Caregiver in Jeddah severely beaten by employers

The issues and problems about overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) especially in the Middle East like Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and Dubai are seemingly endless. Every day, there is a new post about an OFW calling for a rescue and wanting repatriation because her employer maltreated, abused physically, harassed and molested, raped, and worst is killed.

The Filipinos have somewhat accepted this fact that once you go out of the country to work as a domestic helper, there are many chances that you may be assigned to a rude and harmful employer.  Their plights and sentiments are often posted and shared on social media to reach more Filipinos and agencies who might be willing to help them.

Just lately, one OFW in Kuwait died because of severe physical abuse and now here is another OFW crying for a rescue.

She did not want her face to be shown in public and did not also want to disclose her name so she was given a screen name “Loida, 49 years old.” According to Loida’s family in an interview with GMA News, they said that she is always being beaten by her employers and the worst part is that her employer is not giving her salary.

Loida started to work in Jeddah as a caregiver in 2017.  She is a single parent and has kids who are in the Philippines and who are depending on her remittances for daily needs and school feels. She used to send her salary on time until lately her employer stopped giving her salary, and, so, she could not send to her family in the Philippines anymore.

Her kids and her family were surprised when she stopped sending money to them in December 2018 and she was not also texting or calling them.  There were no means of communication because her employer confiscated her cellphone. Until lately, some OFWs learned from Loida that she is being kicked, slapped, and was forced to work even after her duty. Her friends even saw her with bloody face because she was severely beaten by her employer.

Her friends informed her family about what is going on with her in Jeddah.  Her family then reported her case to Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and promised them that they are going to investigate on Loida’s case and facilitate her speedy and safe rescue and repatriation.

Watch the video here:

OWWA administrator Hans Leo Cacdac stressed that they are going to contact Loida’s agency in the Philippines and ask them to work on her repatriation. – LMI

Source: GMA News


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