Be Careful of People From the Internet: OFW Had Her Nude Photos Online Sold For a Price

A foreigner named Ali Sampath victimised an OFW and sold her nude photos online. [Image Credit: Marilou Guzman/Facebook]

The internet is a powerful tool in our lives. It can help us with almost anything: from school to work, to business and even finding relationships.

However, there is a safety reminder for everyone using the internet: Never send your nude photos to people you just met online.

A Warning

A netizen named Marilou Guzman shared to her account a series of photos from a foreigner named Ali Sampath. According to her, the same person is using different names on Facebook. He is also using different other accounts.

Ali Sampath will first befriend you and after a few days of talking and getting to know each other, he will start asking for nude photos and videos.

If you thought these photos and videos are just for his own personal use, you are mistaken. He will sell these nude sources online to other people.

[Image Credit: Marilou Guzman/Facebook]

An OFW Victim

An Overseas Filipino Worker in Kuwait became the latest victim of this man. According to the OFW, they were taking a bath together when she did not notice that Sampath is already taking photos of her without any clothes on.

Sampath then started posting the photos online.

[Image Credit: Marilou Guzman/Facebook]

The Kuwait Police was already advised of Sampath’s illegal activities and they are now on high alert, in case he will return to the country.

This is a clear warning that even if you are in a relationship with someone, if you just know that person on the internet, you should be very careful.

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