Be Careful of Your Luggages: OFW Lost More Than Half of His Check-in Luggage

The OFW got half of his luggage stolen from the airport. [Image Credit: Jov En Ros/Facebook]

Transportation expenses are very expensive. That is why people are always very happy whenever there are airline tickets for sale such as Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare or AirAsia’s Red Hot Sale.

Same with our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers. To save on the costs of sending packages to their families in the country, they ask help from OFWs going back home to relay their packages instead.

However, you may never tell. Not all the time your package is safe, even if it is a checked-in luggage.

The Case of Missing Luggage

This is what happened to our kababayan and an Overseas Filipino Worker, under the Facebook name Jov En Ros who took a Facebook live video to show and warn other people of the serious and threatening case they experienced.

According to him, their luggage bags were robbed by airport personnel in the Clark International Airport. During the said live video, he showed their pieces of luggage with destroyed locks and zippers.

He mentioned that some OFWs asked them to bring pasalubongs back to the Philippines but out of the three pieces of luggage that they have, only half of the whole items were retrieved.

Some of the items he lost was an Aldo Bag, Victoria’s Secrets products, and other pricey items. According to one of the comments, the only items left were the cheap ones and the plastic packaging.

He warned other people not to check-in any pieces of luggage anymore and just resort to hand carrying the items.

What Will You Do If Your Baggage Got Stolen?

Once you experience your luggage being stolen, report it to the police immediately. Most airports have its own police station so you can immediately ask for assistance.

Getting travel insurance, especially if you are traveling with many pieces of luggage, is a safe choice. It will not only give you a peace of mind, it will also help minimise any further troubles once your luggage got stolen.

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