Budget-Friendly: Three Bedroom Single Story House

Budget-Friendly: Three Bedroom Single Story House

What’s a great measure of success for people?

For some, it’s accumulating large sums of money.

For others, it’s traveling to different places and buying luxury goods.

But for many people, it’s owning their own home, regardless of the size.

If you are still saving up for your dream home, but you want to have a place you can call your own, this single story house is an ideal plan for you. Even if it’s small, it has all the rooms and space that a small family needs.

The whole exterior of the house is painted in cream, giving the whole place an inviting yet sophisticated vibe to it. There is also an accent wall made of bricks, as well as modern style railings in front of the house. The roof is made of galvanized steel with tile effect.

Before you enter the house, you will be greeted by the wide terrace. Place a coffee table and some chairs here and it’s a perfect spot to eat breakfast or to take some rest before capping off the day.

From the main entryway, the first area that you will see is the kitchen and dining area. Since the living space is limited, both areas are combined to maximize the space. The kitchen has enough room for a large refrigerator, a gas stove, and cabinets. You can also place some over and under the counter cabinets to store your kitchen tools and pantry essentials.

Across from the kitchen is the sitting and sleeping area. There are a total of three bedrooms in this house. Each also has enough space for a built-in cabinet and dressers. 

The other features of this house includes a common toilet and bath with provision for a bathtub. There’s also a door at the back to reach the service area.

Check out the floor plan of this single story house here:


Reference: Naibann

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