Best Choice For A Starting Family: One-Bedroom Wooden House

A wooden house is a favorite choice for people who are either on a budget or has a bigger and deeper pocket to splurge, from the past until now.

Thanks to its unique beauty, a wooden house provides a relaxing atmosphere in harmony to nature. It looks serene and collected.

Today’s house design for today is a small cottage design created by Verplanos, a Spanish architect.

This wooden house is designed with a simple shape. The whole exterior is made of wood, enhancing the whole house’s natural beauty. The roof also has glass compartments, which not only give the house a more beautiful touch, but it also promotes natural lighting inside the home.

In the front part of the house, the first thing that you will see is the balcony. This space is perfect for leisure or for welcoming your guests. It can also be a breakfast nook or you are simply spending time for yourself and relaxing.

Once you walk into the house, you will find a small sitting corner which acts as the living room. Next to this area is the small yet fully functional kitchen complete with wall decorations, marble prints, and a u-shaped bar counter. This counter is for multi-use as well. You can use it for preparing food or for eating. There is also a range hood to prevent the smell of food from spreading within the house.

There is only one bedroom in this wooden house, yet it is spacious. This room is decorated with different colors, which creates a fun and lively atmosphere.

Instead of using a wooden or leather headboard, the head of the bed is a large glass window. This does not only let the natural light and ventilation into the room, it also exposes the light from the outside to inside, making the bedroom look wider.

Check out the floor plan of this wooden house here (thanks to Naibann):

Overall, this bungalow comes with one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen with 35 square meters of floor space. It is a perfect size for a small family or if you are thinking of having your own vacation house.

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