Benefits of the Saudi Green Card System to Expatriates

The Saudi Green Card will enable expatriates to enjoy benefits like a local. [Image Credit: Bloomingstar Girl/Youtube]

Working and visiting Saudi Arabia is now made even better by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: through the Saudi Green Card. Currently, foreigners are only allowed to come to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through sponsorship, SAGIA license or if you have a valid working visa.

The proposed Saudi Green Card would allow the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to generate 10 billion USD every year. According to the Al-Hayat Newspaper, Nidal Ridwan, the chairman of the Federation of Labor Committees in the Kingdom, stated that he expects that an autonomous body will be formed to implant the new system.

What Can a Saudi Green Card Do?

This new system allows expatriate or a person who is temporarily or permanently residing in Saudi Arabia to become the sponsor of other foreigners who want to visit the Kingdom.

The current system that the Kingdom has, the system of Kafala, seems to be not working as it should. Under this system, any expatriate or migrant who has a working status in the country is bound to one sponsor or individual for whatever time is instated in the contract.

Benefits of a Saudi Green Card

Under this new Green Card system, expatriates will enjoy the following benefits:

1. They would be allowed to purchase properties in Saudi Arabia.

2. The Kafala System will come to an end and expatriates would now become sponsors.

3. A worker (for example, an Overseas Filipino Worker) would get a permanent residency in Saudi Arabia. He would not need to worry about the expiration of his iqama. According to Arab News, the Saudi Green Card will be given to foreign investors and scientifically skilled experts.

4. All expatriates can engage in any and all kinds of businesses in the Kingdom, even without a local or Saudi partner.

5. A worker will get to enjoy free medical treatments, just like a local or Saudi national.

6. If the resident expatriate pays the GOSI, he will receive a pension after retirement.

7. The expatriate would now be available to apply for loans.

[Image Credit: Alshaya]

Some Restrictions

Although there are several benefits and advantages of getting this new system, there are still a few things which will not be allowed:

1. A Green Card holding expatriate would not be allowed to vote during elections.

2. They would not be able to hold any public office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3. They would not be able to remain outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a long period of time.

4. They would not be allowed to enlist in the Saudi Armed Forces.

[Image Credit: The Mad Monarchist]

The Saudi Green Card System is a great initiative by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It lets expatriate, especially Overseas Filipino Workers to enjoy the benefits that only nationals were able to enjoy before.

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