Bedridden Domestic Helper Calls For Help: Agency Refuses to Help


There are many Overseas Filipino Workers who leave the country to work overseas with the intention to give their families a bigger and brighter future. Working as an OFW can let you earn as much as double to quadruple the amount that you are earning in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, it is saddening to say that not all Filipino workers get to enjoy the salary that they are always dreaming of. Rather, they are abused and overworked by their employers. They are also often underpaid.

This is a similar case to Jinabelle Amas Gamin from Bindoy, Negros Oriental. Her story is among the sad stories mirroring the real life of OFWs in another country.

[Image Credit: Ginalingan Eh / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ginalingan Eh / Facebook]

The Real Life of a Domestic Helper Abroad

Concerned Facebook Page Ginalingan Eh shared Jinabelle’s story together with her video showcasing her poor condition while working overseas. Jinabelle has been working as a domestic helper for a family in Saudi Arabia.

Because of the workload, her body suffered. She experienced extreme body pains and became sick. Because of it, she became bedridden and cannot keep herself from standing up from her bed.

No Help From Her Agency

The domestic helper already talked to her agency in Saudi Arabia but they are not doing anything to help her. Her employers also confiscated her cellphone but luckily, the domestic helper of her employer’s sibling, a Etopian national, was kind enough to lend her a cell phone. She used it to take a video of her and sent it to one of her friends to ask for help.

Her agency in the Philippines is under the name First Personnel Services Inc, with the office address 4677 Arellano St., Barangay Palanan, Makati.

[Image Credit: Ginalingan Eh / Facebook]
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We are hoping that the government can do something for this domestic helper. Hold on, Kabayan. Help is on the way!

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