Beat Homesickness Abroad

Homesickness should never be an issue if you have a clear goal in mind. [Image Credit: Maginvest Ka Pinoy!]

Homesickness is the biggest problems that Overseas Filipino Workers face throughout the years. Feeling homesick manifests the affinity of the OFWs to their family. With the improvement of technology and better means of communication, OFWs can now ease the feeling and virtually meet with their families back in the Philippines. However, for first-time OFWs who are dealing with new culture, food, language, and climate, it may take them time to adjust and until that happens, homesickness will start to set in.

Although homesickness indicates the loyalty to your family and the strong bond that you have, it may intervene with your work and impact job performance. Dealing with homesickness may vary from one person to another, but here are some generic ways you can do to prevent homesickness from causing trouble in your work and your personal life.

[Image Credit: OFW Pinoy Star]
[Image Credit: OFW Pinoy Star]

Set the Right Mindset

You have come this far and will just give up and return home? Set a tough mentality and imagine the effort you had before you reach this far. Resigning from work, falling in line in a long queue to get your passport, selling some properties to pay for the placement fees, and the long interview sessions. Be motivated as you are willing to sacrifice for your family and somehow, you will gain financial boosts, savings, and a more secure future.

Where you are now is already a part of your plan and do not disrupt it. We hear a lot of stories of OFWs who decide to go home because of extreme homesickness, only to regret their decisions and wished they held on a bit longer.

There Are More OFWs now

There are more Filipinos working abroad and this means you can meet more Kababayans, play basketball with them, and meet up during day offs to comfort each other and beat the feeling of homesickness.

[Image Credit: Pinoy OFW/Facebook]

Make Use of Technology

It is now the internet age and more Filipinos are brought closer by technology. You can easily get in touch with your family through Skype, Facebook, and text messages, even every day. Gone are the days when you need to send letters, record messages, and pay high telephone expenses.

Get Exposed to Your New Surrounding

Whether you are a factory worker in Taiwan or Korea, a sales clerk in Bahrain or Qatar, there is always a new opportunity to learn and appreciate your new surroundings. Spend more times with new friends, plan an outing, and visit local attractions. There are even events organized by the Philippine consulates and embassies where you can meet other OFWs.

[Image Credit: Rappler/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Rappler/Facebook]

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